1. The Hard Problem Of Consciousness
    1. The Objectivity Of The Subjective
    2. Mary In Her Black And White Room
    3. Nagel's Bat
    4. Zombies
    5. Not Everybody Likes The Hard Problem
    6. Is Consciousness Like Elan Vital?
    7. Is Consciousness An Illusion?
    8. Is Qualophilia A Failure Of Imagination?
  2. Goals, Non-Goals, And Ground Rules
    1. Folk Usage vs. Real Definitions
      1. You Can't Even Define Your Terms!
      2. Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?
    2. Caricatures Of Some Physicalist Arguments
      1. Evolution
      2. Big Dumptruck. Really Big Dumptruck.
      3. Correlation vs. Entailment
    3. Just-Is
    4. Am I Asking Too Much?
    5. Why I Am Optimistic
  3. Physicalism - Are We Really Living In A Material World?
    1. There's No Such Thing As A Purely Physical World
      1. Supervenience
      2. Unimplemented API
      3. Rosenberg's Game Of Life Physics
      4. What's At The Bottom? Information? Nothing?
    2. Panpsychism? But Doesn't That Have Huge Problems?
  4. Epiphenomenalism: Even If Consciousness Is Real, What Could It Possibly Do?
  5. Ned Block's Turing Test Beater
  6. Functionalism: Can't We Just Say That Consciousness Depends On The Higher-Level Organization Of The System?
    1. Black Boxes
    2. Is The Design Inherent In The Implementation?
    3. A Hypothesis About Hypotheticals: Do Counterfactuals Count?
      1. What If We Prune The Untaken Paths?
      2. Integrated Information Theory
    4. Life Is Real. Isn't It Defined "Merely" Functionally?
    5. What If We Gerrymander The Low-Level Components?
  7. Reductionism and Emergence: What Kinds Of Things Are There, Really?
    1. Reductionism
      1. Teleology
    2. Emergence
    3. How Naive Is Our Naive Realism About Our Mid-Level Chunks?
  8. The All-At-Onceness of Conscious Experience
    1. Combination Can't Be Functional
      1. Neuron Replacement Therapy
      2. Thoughts Are Evidence Of Mid-Level Holism
    2. Quantum Mechanics
      1. "Random" Is A Big Tent
    3. But Back To NRT
  9. Time Consciousness and the Specious Present
    1. My Notion of Motion
    2. Extentionalism
    3. Retentionalism
      1. Time-Quale?
  10. Free Will
    1. Two Cheers For Compatibilism
    2. What Even Is Free Will?
    3. Free Will Does Not Need To Be Hooked Up To A Motor System
    4. Free Will Is Inherently Creative
    5. Free Will Is Constitutive Of Self And Not Necessarily Non-Deterministic
    6. Free Will Is For Partless Wholes
    7. Do Large Partless Wholes Obey Laws? Does Anything?
    8. Who (Or What) Would Possess Free Will?
      1. How Many? How Long Lived?
      2. How Invasive Is The World?
  11. How Panpsychism Might Work
    1. Particle Man
    2. Quantum Holism And Chaos
    3. Holism And Its Discontents
  12. The Self
    1. The Infinite Regress of the Cartesian Theater
    2. The User Illusion
    3. The Players Are The Audience
  13. Daniel Dennett
    1. Things He Is Mostly Right About
      1. Pandemonium
      2. Self As Center Of Narrative Gravity
      3. "Direct" Perception Vs. Judgment
    2. Things He Isn't Right About
      1. "Direct" Perception Vs. Judgment
      2. Strangely Swimming Conscious Demons
  14. Beyond the Cartesian Theater: More Better Models and Metaphors
    1. Computers
      1. How Could A Computer Be More Like A Mind?
    2. Dennett's Pandemonium
      1. Phenomenological Plausibility of Demons
      2. Antimemes
      3. Darwinian Memosphere of Demons
      4. The Spotlight of Attention
      5. Synthesis/Analysis Feedback Loop
  15. Cognitive Qualia
    1. My Phenomenal Twin
    2. The Qualia Of Thought
    3. Naive, Or Pure Experience
    4. Higher Order Thought (HOT) Theories
    5. Naive, Or Pure Cognition
  16. Knowledge
    1. Is Knowledge Something Philosophers Ought To Study?
    2. Is Knowledge Elemental Like Hydrogen, Or Like Aristotle's Fire?
    3. Types of Knowledge
    4. Bundles Of Counterfactuals
    5. What Is It Like To Know?
  17. Doesn't It All Just Come Down To Information?
    1. What Even Is Information, Anyway?
    2. Information Is A Platonic Abstraction
    3. Information Represents
    4. Representations And The Mind
    5. Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Information
      1. Example Using Boolean AND
    6. Information Pokes, Pushes, or Nudges
    7. All Models Are Algorithms
      1. Internal Models As Black Boxes
      2. Self Reference
    8. The Algorithmic Intuition
  18. The Reality Between Our Ears
    1. It's Often Wrong
    2. It's Mostly Holes
    3. We Take Our Model With A Grain Of Salt
    4. Internalism Isn't Right, Exactly, Except It Kind Of Is
  19. Reference: Picking Out
    1. Extension
    2. Intension and Possible Worlds
      1. Who Is "Albert Einstein"?
    3. Putnam's Twin Earth
    4. Saul Kripke
      1. Hesperus And Phosphorus
    5. Modes Of Presentation
    6. The Contents Of Our Thoughts
    7. Putting Meaning Back In The Head
  20. Reference: Turning Out
    1. Two Dimensional Semantics
    2. Turning Out
    3. Symbol Resolution
    4. Early vs. Late Binding
    5. Haters Gonna Hate: Some Tautologies
  21. Future Directions
  22. What Bullet Have We Bitten, Exactly?
    1. Basic Metaphysics
      1. Taking Qualia Seriously
      2. Holism
      3. Time
      4. Structure and Relation, Phenomenologized
    2. My Favorite Model: Pandemonium
    3. Special Points of Emphasis
  23. References
  24. Glossary
  25. About The Author